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My DH is a locksmith and you would not believe what people leave behind when they skip out on their lease. We deal mostly with realtors in our business and we have found that most owner's of rental property don't want to be bothered with auctioning off what they think of as junk.

So here is the list of junk (according to the owners) that my DH has brought home in the last two years and yes, by law we had to get permission to take the stuff.

a glass top kitchen table and chairs, still in the plastic from the store. - the owner of the property was going to throw it out.

a cardial glide - new

Movies - both vhs and DVD

Games - Playstation and playstation II

Dogs - yes, I said dogs. We now have three dogs because of uncaring owners, who abandon them when they skipped town.:mad: And if we hadn't taken the dogs, they would have most likely been distroyed.

1- black lab mix - Peables
1- terrior mix - Baby
1- blue Heeler - Tripod, the three legged wonder dog

1- Rockweiler puppy - never made it home from the vets office, he was adopted within ten minutes of my DH taking him there.

a play kitchen

a children's play castle for the back yard

a microwave

another kitchen table (wooden, no chairs)

a matching dresser and chest of drawers (I had to fix the drawers but hey, they match)

a queen size bed (new)

toys (all kinds, we clean them up and give them to area shelters)

and probably a lot of little things that I can't remember, but those are the big things.

As for the stores, who purposely damage goods they are getting rid of. That is despicable. They are just going to write off the loss of those goods and someone should be allowed to get some good from them. If they would give the goods to charity, they would be able writing them off anyway.

I just don't understand big business. With my DH as a small business owner, we are very frugal (no healthcare plan or any of the nice benefits you can get from an employer) and if we find something we can't use, we give it to someone who can.

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