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hi. I'm a first time responder toi this board. I'm always looking on ways to save money. I'm inspired by tales of great bargains found. I too go to thrift stores and lots of yards sales, but alas, by bargains are few and far between. My husband works at a mall, and he and his fellow workers used to dumpster dive at one store who threw away tons of useable stuff, We got 1 brand new filing cabinet, a new desk, still in the box, lots of date books that the kids just love to draw and write in, another filing cabinet that had no handles and the word discard on, but it is used in a closet so noone sees any way. But, unfortunaly mangement found out and put the word out that if anyone is caught, they will be arrested!!! and now they will purposely damage things they are throwing out so noone would want them. I can't understand the waste! At least they could donate these mainly office supplies a
nd furniture to some charities or something, it makes me angry!We do occasionally get some free thing when a store remodels or moves in or out. My husband asks the person in charge of construction, and wev'e gotten carpet, shelves, fixtures ect. So all is not lost. well, that's my story on dumpster diving!
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