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a twist on diving

I, too, live in a rural area so dumpster diving in my neighborhood might be rewarded with gunshot. However, I live next to a University town. When students leave for the semester they often cannot fit all their newly acquired possessions into their compact-college-student car and abandon marvelous items right and left. Sometimes they make their way to the dumpster but more likely than not they leave their tv, computer, furniture in their room or in the hallway of student housing with a sign "free to a good home" or some such. VCR's, movies, software, stereos you name it, they leave it. It's amazing. Anything left behind after all the students are gone is carted to the dumpster and in this instance the custodians are quite happy for someone else to cart it away instead. Keep that in mind, especially in May when more students leave for good instead of for the holidays. Good luck.
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