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I am continually amazed at people, and at my age, I ought to know better!

In previous years, I have been a landlord and a renter and a property buyer. I would have been embarassed beyond belief if I had left any of my possessions behind for someone else to have to dispose of, let alone leaving any place we rented dirty.

I had some wonderful renters, and some that were just terrible. I had renters who took the lightbulbs, curtain rods, towel bars and paper towel and toilet paper holders, none of which they purchased or installed. I even had one take the garbage disposal unit from under the sink!

We have purchased several homes in the past thirty years that I would not close on until I walked through and did an inspection minutes before the closing and always with the realtor in attendance. Invariably, I would hear:
1." Oh, the owner thought you might want the stove/washer/dryer/rugs/old tire swing, and whatever as they are still good." I specifically list in the buyer's agreement that ALL personal possessions and items not specifically listed in the buyer's agreement must be removed before closing.
2. "Oh, the owner said these things came with the house when s/he bought it from the previous owner." (And always it is stuff/junk that is going to cost me $$$ to dispose of it.)

And, living out in the country, I am NEVER surprised at:
1. The number of thoughtless people who dump their unwanted pet cats and dogs out here (out of sight, out of their minds) thinking that some farmer will take them in rather than let them starve or that some farmers can always use more barn cats.
2. The number of thoughtless people who will dump their unwanted appliances or worn-out couches or even bags of garbage out along the country roads because they don't want to pay a refuse hauler the $$$$ it would cost to dispose of their stuff in the right manner.

thanks for letting me vent ~ my soapbox is now put away! LOL

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