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USDA frugal family of 4

The USDA says that while a liberal family spends $174.80 a week on food, a frugal family spends $93.00. That is a difference of almost HALF! So I looked into it further. I found a lot of recipes and a list of foods for one week. I thought it was interesting. I thought I would share. If anyone has a great price book maybe they can figure this out.

Fruit and Vegetables:

Apples 6 small
Bananas 11 medium
Melon 1 lb
Oranges 26 small
Cabbage 4 oz
Celery 3 oz
Carrots 1lb 4 oz
Green Pepper 3 oz
Lettuce 4 oz
Onions 2lbs 8 oz
Zucchini 7 oz


Applesauce 2 oz
Peaches 1 lb 10 oz
Pears 13 oz
Green beans 12 oz
Spinach 10 oz
Tomato Paste 6 oz
Tomato Sauce 1lb 1oz
Tomato Soup 10.5 oz

Orange Juice (8) 12 oz cans
Green Beans 5 oz
Peas 5 oz

Breads Cereals and Grains

Bagels, Plain (8) 1lb
Bread crumbs 2 oz
Bread, white 2.2 lbs
English muffins 8
Bread french 8 oz
Hamburg buns 8
Crackers 4 oz
Oatmeal 3 oz
Ready to eat cereal 6 oz
Barley, pearl 4 oz
Flour, enriched 1 lb 8 oz
Macaroni 1 lb 11 oz
Noodles, yolk free 2lbs 3oz
Rice 2 lbs 5 oz

Milk and cheese

Evaporated Milk 16 oz
Milk, 1% 2 1/2 gal
Milk whole 3 qt
Cheese, cheddar 8 oz

Meat and meat Alternatives
Beef, chuck roast 2.5 lb
Beef, ground 2.4 lb
Chicken fryer 1.5 lb
Fish, breaded frozen 1lb
cod, frozen 1 lb
Tuna 12 oz
Turkey breast 2lb 4oz
Turkey ground 2 lb
Turkey Ham (deli) 11 oz
Beans, kidney, canned 1 lb 11 oz
Beans, lima dry 6 oz
Beans, Northern, canned 9 oz
Beans, Chick Peas canned 10 oz
Eggs, large 15

Fats and Oil
Margarine 7 oz
Shortening 2 oz
Salad dressing, Mayo type 1 lb
Vegetable oil 9 oz

Sugar and sweets

Sugar, brown 2 oz
Sugar granular, 1 lb
Chocolate pudding instant 3 oz
Lemonade, ready to drink 1 gal

Other food items
small amount used in cooking

baking powder
baking soda
beef bouillon cubes
black pepper
red pepper
chicken bouillon cubes
chili powder
dry mustard
gelatin, unflavored
Lemon Juice, bottled
onion powder
parsley flakes
soy sauce
sweet pickle relish
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