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could use some advice and tips

Our 20 y o son and his girlfriend moved in with us. This isn't the best idea but they were living on the streets. They were too scared to stay at their apartments in the same town as her parents. She comes from a very abusive family. Right now there is a court order against her parents because of the abuse. We live 40 miles away so I don't think they will be a problem. Gf has gallstones so she will be having surgery, hopefully we will find out when on Monday. Both ds and gf are bi polar. We have been letting them catch up on sleep and eating. We talked about rules before they moved in but now we need to go into detail. The problems I have noticed are they don't think laundry needs to be washed until it can stand up on its own, not picking up after herself (gf). Gf was complaining on how the basement smelled yesterday.... but they keep telling me the laundry is caught up. I know it isn't. On the plus side there hasn't been any brattiness, or temper fits. I will not tolerate them at all. She can really pout. I can ignore pouting. These kids have really been thru the mill. I have checked out thier stories about her parents and they are some rough druggies.The kids aren't lying to us. As for the legal stuff, domestic abuse is taking care of that. Gf has SSI but her mother is her proxie. Domestic is helping her change all of that. A woman from DA will be the proxie. This is a good woman, so that helps. Gf has no idea how to do anything including thinking. She goes from being shy and scared of us to attemping to take advantage of us. We are working on getting her into counseling. I am thinking about writing up a contract for all of us to sign. Is that asking too much?
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