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Hi I'm new to this board. But...when I had my 2nd dd, a friend gave me a diaper shower. I loved it. Everyone gave me diapers, lotion, powders, wipes. (All different brands) I didn't have to buy these items for awhile and when I did finally have to purchase them, I knew what brand I preferred without wasting alot of money to find out. It was great. I buy everyone diapers now because that has always been the best gift. It's somethig they need and it helps them money wise. I'm sure with 4 kids their dollars will be stretched tight!

Also another great gift that a friend gave me on my second was ..she had called a few of my friends and they all took a night and cooked dinner for my family!!! We had a different hot meal every night. I didn't have to cook at all for that first week that I was suppose to be resting!!!! The food was so good my husband couldn't wait til dinner time to see what we were having!! LOL That was the all time best...And I will love her always for being so thoughful!

Just a few suggestions... M.
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