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I dont know what all u have in there or whats considered extras or bonus's but what about some recipies?
The graphs or what is needed each day and all tips you coulod offer on each thing.

Like for instance the milk thing-24/24 drink 24 oz in 24 hrs.

How about things with fiber or what bodies need..what vitamins do what for you and what all the "natural things" are to do for you.

I dont know if you have pictures in it or not but I always find them more helpful

Include myths and facts...
like does drinking hot green tea really help u lose weight? Or
Does this or that work .

Whats NOT good to do

What things have helped you along the way..
and what hasnt..

How about thigns that work and how much it burns..
Walking= suchnsuch calaries
Kissing-burns this many
sex-this many
dancing-this many
stairs-this many

I hope I helped a lil bit, maybe if I knew more about what you needed or didnt need I could help

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