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Thanks for the replies~

This will be dd's 5th b'ady I'm working on....I want it to be extra special this year (she'll have a new sibling in Dec - & I don't want to take away from her) & then if she goes to school this fall it will be the last b'day like this---you know - things change once the go off to school....

Really she has 2 boys -one is family the other isn't - the cousin can easily be snagged later for a fam party---it's the friends' child I don't know what to do with...they've been friends since birth so she's want hime there!

What can I do to incorporate a boy in a tea party?

Can you share your ideas for what to do at a tea party?

I still can't decide - I was still thinknig of whether I should just wait til she's 7 or so...but then I guess I could do another kind of party at year I want to do a makeup kinda thing.....and then there's the dressup thing...


ANy ideas???
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