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Your opinions requested (plus re-intro)

Hi all,
This is sort of my re-introduction to this community. I was one of The FamilyCorner's columnists when it was just getting started as an online venture. I wrote a monthly column on home-based exercise for about a year before my writing career took off in my home city and I had to give it up.

While I was still writing the column, one of my readers emailed and said that if I ever put everything I knew into a book, she'd buy it. (Don't worry, this isn't a promo.) Talk about music to a writer's ears...except that I must have been tone-deaf ;-) I didn't take her up on the suggestion right away. Instead, I developed my writing career ( ), and became a volunteer fitness instructor--trained and funded by my local health district. I still work out at home every day.

Somewhere along the way, I finally tuned in and wrote the book. Now I have a completed ebook, with everything I know about home-based exercise in it. The thing is, when you sell an ebook, you're supposed to offer lots of extra bonuses (I know, I buy lots of ebooks ;-). I have a few ideas, but I'd really, really like to hear what others would find useful first. Since I wrote my columns for FamilyCorner readers--this is where the book was born, so to speak--I thought I'd ask you. What kind of bonuses/extras would you find useful to go along with a book on home-based exercise? Any and all ideas would be very gratefully received.

Finally, I think it's only fair that suggestions I develop into a bonus giveaway be acknowledged in some way. I could either include your name and hyperlinked URL on the acknowledgements page of the book, or I could offer you a free copy, or whatever else works best for you. I'd be happy to negotiate.

Thanks so much. It's good to be back :-)
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