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I'm well on my way to having at least enough canned goods for a year--I'd like to do the freezer, too, but it's too small. I'm also unsure about storing flour and cornmeal, so I buy those every month or so. This is pretty much a space issue, though. I'm working on reorganizing my pantry area(s) to make it fit lol!!
I was able to do a lot of canning this year and am trying my hand at storing dried tomatoes in oil--not sure how long they will last so I didn't do many.
I'm very glad I started doing this--we're still struggling financially and now that dh is back to work, I can relax about the grocery bill for a while so we can put more effort into the house payment and maybe not end up homeless. Lol!! If we lose the house, I can always build a shack out of cans of veggies!
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