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Hi All,
After trying all sorts of store bought foods, it has come down to me cooking up Shadow's food twice a week with Bil-Jac for kibble. I mix things up a bit so he won't get bored with it. Sometimes it's meat ( chicken, hamburger, pork) with rice/potatos or macaroni. For veggies I add Mashed carrots, peas, sweet potatos, whatevers on hand. Sometimes I use babyfood veggies because it's fast and easy. I give a dog multi vitamin everyday too. I started this because it has been determined that the food additives, coloring and preserveatives were causing Shadow's seizures. Now he licks his bowl clean. Sometimes his food looks better then our dinner;-) in fact dd2 even ate a bowl of his hamburger,rice and cream corn dish after I made it last night. Kids and dogs gotta love them.

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