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Ok, I know I won't remember all the questions but here are some answers (fun questions by the way)
I make an appointment at my salon but always get in within a day of calling. I never have to wait more than 5 minutes when I get there even if I am early. I keep my hands under the cape and sit still so the stylist can cut and not make a mistake. She uses scissors (I have long hair and get it trimmed in the back with the sides layered a little so it is a pretty basic cut) I chat with my stylist (no one else is really that close to chat with) I have never cried at the salon but a couple times in my life I have had the world's worst haircuts (luckily not at my current salon) I always tip my stylist, never go to sleep in the chair, never have to sit under a dryer as my style now just requires a quick blow dry. I don't color or highlight my hair so no processing time. When I arrive at the salon, my hand is usually just loose as she is going to have to cut it so why bother putting it up. I do like the feel of the cape and of someone else washing my hair but never notice the chair going up or down. And sometimes I go to the salon alone and sometimes I have to take one of my dks or my daycare kids with me. I like going alone the best.
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