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Prayers for all! I need make a request prayer for my sister and bil they just found out that he's going have to have a heart operation this Wednesday he has the big main arerty block so he needs this done quickly but he's put it off because of no insurance,also hes afraid he'll lose his job. Not sure if it'll be just stunts or open heart yet or not. Also we're to find out what we are going to if to do on mom about her heart. Pray that thing s will work out because I'm going if to stay and help out with her or if she's in the hospital at the same time as bil I'll have to be ther with her and try to take care of my family all at the same time,just not sure how I'll deal with that yet. Thanks for listening and fors all prayer. I'm so glad that I have my freinds here at FC & MM to turn to Thanks again for being here.
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