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I do not believe that I have updated everyone since my SIL's last appt.

She has a very slow growing tumor that has probably been there for years. The surgeon will have her go to the hospital to take her off all meds in 4-6 weeks to isolate the affected parts of the brain. Then, they will plan and do the surgery. It may not happen until close to the holidays. The dr. thinks it is benign(not cancerous) at this time. No way to know for sure until they take it out and test it. Her girls are still with another family, my FIL will not be coming here unless absolutely needed to with the surgery, and hopefully, MIL will survive all the stress that is surrounding her now.

Our own little family is getting along fairly well. Need to talk to the school about ds and his IEP today. Dd is doing well and has a conference scheduled early, because of my work schedule during conference times. I work 10 hour nights and do like to sleep! Doesn't everyone?

Keeping everyone in prayer.
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