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Have you ever had to go to the bathroom during a haircut?

This happened to me once and it was a nightmare. At first, I did my best to hold it until she was done, but it got so bad that I had to tell her to stop and that I was deeply sorry that I had to go to the bathroom. So, to make matters worst, she had the chair pumped to the highest setting, so she had to let it down. Then, she had to take the cape off me, before I could run to the back of the salon with half my hair cut and soaking wet. Really embarrassing.

Have you ever got up and walked out of a haircut?

I haven't done this either, because for some reason even when I know that the haircut is bad, I let them finish it. I am such a wuss.

Have you cried in front of your hair stylist?

I don't get sad when they screw up my hair, I get mad.

When you tip do you hand it to your stylist or to the receptionist?

I always hand it to the stylist, because I don't trust the receptionist to give it to the person taht cut my hair.

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