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Fun Survey - When you get your hair do you...

Well, I just got back from the salon and while I was there I was looking around the place and noticed that everybody has a lot of different habits at the salon when we are in that environment. It almost seems like a totally different world. So, I decided to come up with a list of question to view what goes on and how we act.

So, let's see how you act.

Do you call ahead and scheduled an appointment or do you just walk in and see if you can get in the same day?”

Well, when I want a haircut, I want it right then. But I go to Supercuts, which is a walk in salon, so really no problem there.

When you walk into the salon, is your hair styled in its usually way or is thrown back in ponytail?

I throw it into a ponytail the day of the cut, because there is no reason to style it if someone else is going to do it for you and better.

Do you put your hands under the cape or leave them outside of the cape?

After they put the cape on me, I keep them under, because I really hate when hair gets all over my arms and clothes. Anyways, they wouldn’t put a cape on you, if they wanted you to have hair all over you.

Do you put your hands on the armrest or on your lap?

I do both, sometimes I switch from either position.

Do you place both feet on the footrest or cross your legs?

I always have my feet together on the footrest, because I heard if you cross your legs, it misses up your stylist and you can end up with a crooked haircut.

Are still when they cutting your hair or act fidgety, tapping your feet or hands, playing with something under the cape, switching your body position around, talking with your hands?

I sit very still, my legs together, arms on the armrest and back against the chair. I found it relaxing to not be moving around, it makes me enjoy the experience even more.

Have you ever left the salon with wet hair?

I try not to, but there are sometimes when I am running late for something or just didn't want to pay the extra money, when I can do it myself.

Do like having to look at yourself in the mirror the whole time with wet, unkempt hair?

I’m fine with it, but it gets little annoying, when you see your hair all wet and sectioned in several different ways and you can’t do anything to fix it right then.

[b]Have you ever taken the whole family for haircuts at the same time or is it all about ‘me’ time?

Almost every time that I go. I get my haircut at a family salon, so it makes it really easy on all of us and we always have fun doing it together.

How long do you wait before you were taken to the chair?

I go to a Supercuts that everybody seems to love, so they are really busy almost everyday. Most time, I go on Saturday afternoon for cuts, but most times I end up waiting for forty-five minutes to an hour.

What does your stylist use scissors or a razor?

They use scissors, snip' snip, hair falls to the floor and I'm left with a nice clean line.

Have you ever had the clippers used on your hair?

When my hair was really, really short, they used them a lot on the side and nape of my neck to clean it up and around my ears. Very ticklish.

Do you get scared or nervous when you see a lot of hair on the cape and the floor?

I actually like to see quiet a bit of hair coming off that means that change is happening and I won't get stuck in a rut, I always come out with a different haircut. To tell you the truth, my lap usually has a small pile of hair growing by the end of the cut.

What color/pattern cape does your stylist use and how big is it?

Well, since it’s a chain salon, they all have the same style cape. It's a big black cape, with the words Supercuts printed in bright white on the chest of it. The cape drapes far over the sides of the chair and covers all the way down to my ankles, most times laying on top of my shoes.

Do you like the feeling of the cutting cape?

I love the cool, silky feeling of them over my neck and arms and over my clothes. Also, like when it moves it makes the ‘whooshing’ sound!

Do close you eyes when they are cutting/or coloring your hair?

No, because I like to know that's going on at all times.

Do you like it when they pump up the chair?

I love when they rise and lower the chair, I don't know why, but I like it.

Does your stylist turn you away from the mirror the whole time of the haircut?

Never, because I've even asked to turn me back to the mirror so I can see.

Have you ever talked to the person sitting next to you?

I haven't, because either I'm having a chat with my stylist or they are having one with there's, but sometimes I try to listen on what they are talking about.

What do you wear when you go to get your haircut? Most of the time it is what I wear everyday, a nice t-shirt, jeans shorts, white socks and some tennis shoes.

Does your stylist cut your hair wet or dry?

Wet, because I always have it shampooed when I get it cut.

When getting your hair highlighted, do you feel silly
with all the foils on your head?

I feel really silly, because it just feels odd with metal on top of my head.

Do you enjoy sitting under the drying when processing the highlights?

It feels nice with the warm, soothing air, but it gets a little boring.

Do you take in pictures of the haircut that you want?

I use to, until I figured out from all the bad haircuts that they can't follow a picture correctly, unless it is a 360 one.

Has your stylist ever done something that you didn’t want them to do

The only time something like that happened to me was when I getting my hair color and I wanted a sort of coffee brown and she died it to a sandy brown and when I asked her if it was suppose to look like that, she told me that it was much better than what I wanted.

Have you fallen asleep in the chair when you were getting your hair done?

No, but I've been very tempted to before.

Does your stylist blow dry or use a Duster to wipe off the hair that has fallen on your neck?

She uses a duster and blow dries it off.

*continued in next post*
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