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I re-read what I wrote, and I see that I wasn't very clear. (It made sense as I typed, but re-reading it, it didn't quite flow! I am SO not a writer!! )

The first time I had these categories of meals: chicken, beef, non-meat/fish, pork. I rotated between these.

Actually, by the time I had used up my little sheets once, I had 12 weeks done. (4 sheets of 3 weeks each) However, I am Catholic, so I made 2 of the sheets (6 weeks) so that there was no meat on Fridays for lent, as well as the first wednesday had no meat (ash wednesday) Also, I should note that I only had enough non-meat choices to get those 6 weeks done.

After I had 12 weeks planned, I was out of little papers and I re-sorted them as : spicy, mild, soup/stew, fast&greasy. Then I did another 12 weeks rotating between them.

After we sat and tweaked a we always have leftover roast beef, so I moved up a casserole to use that up, and adding special requests and removing not-so-popular choices, we ended up with 8 sheets holding 24 weeks. The Lent weeks will be just Lent, the other 6 sheets (18 weeks) can be rotated between and I may never have to decide what I should make again.

I think how many weeks you do depends on how long you want to pull out little slips, how many different things you want to make and how picky your crew is. (also, I did this while I had a sprained ankle, so it might also depend on how bored you are!!)
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