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Lightbulb I have to share how I menu plan!

I have seen a lot of messages about people making master lists and somehow getting it to turn into a menu plan, and well, I tried it. It just really didn't work for me.

So I got rid of the side dish part and made a list of main dishes that I make well and that my family eats. Then I cut it apart and sorted it by type: chicken, fast&greasy, beef, non-meat, asian, etc. I put each little pile into a different box.

I made my own sheets for menu planners so that I had 3 weeks figured out at once.

Then I drew a sheet, wrote it down, drew another sheet from another box, wrote it down, etc. until I was done. (after i wrote what i drew from the box, I put it on a separate pile) When I was all done with little pieces of paper, I put them into different categories and did it again. Then my DH, DD, and I looked at the menus and talked through them. We crossed a few things off and added others. DD suggested a pancake night, so we got rid of a hamburger helper square.

I just struggled with the whole menu planning thing way too long, and I thought I should share and maybe make someone else's life a little easier.

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