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[I do not claim to belong to no certian group. I do belong to the Lord God. I am a child of his. To me the bible saids were 2 or more gather and worship is church. So if it be a building or a field that is haveing brothers and sisters praising the Lord. Jesus saids in Mat. 12 that all of us that believe in the Lord are is brothers and sisters.]

I am non-denominational also. I am a believer that Jesus was born to Mary- a virgin, died on the cross to save us from our sins, raised from the dead and is now preparing a place for us, He will return someday and will gather those who are alive and believe in Him and take us to Heaven. Then, those who believe, which are dead will be gathered and taken up.
Sometimes I feel that the whole "religion" thing divides us and creates a barrier to what really matters and that is telling others about Christ and worshipping Him till He returns. Isn't this more important than WHAT RELIGION someone is?

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