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Protect your Black Cats on Halloween

Protect Your Black Cats on Halloween

While October may be the favorite month of thousands of humans, who excitedly plan their costumes of spooks, vampires and monsters, in anticipation of Halloween, cats, particularly black cats, have little cause for celebration of this month.

Indeed, if left outdoors, these innocents are subject to meeting monsters of a different kind: sadistic humans who would love nothing better than to get their hands on a black cat for a ritualistic sacrifice. Sadly, every year at this time, we hear more and more stories about cats being victimized in such a manner. The perpetrators of these obscene crimes range from free-roaming gangs of youths, caught up in pseudo-Satanism, and eager to dabble in the occult, to serious adult practitioners of the "black arts." Regardless of the source, the pain and suffering of the victim is equally horrendous.

The threat to black cats on Halloween has become so prevalent that many shelters and humane societies refuse to allow adoption of black cats during the entire month of October. Lacking this previously easy source of victims, Satanists and other sadists look to the streets for their sacrificial cats.

Keep Them Indoors
It is best to keep all cats indoors during the month of October, regardless of their color, but especially if they happen to be black. Even though there may be no cultists in your neighborhood or community, the sheer numbers of people out and about on Halloween, along with increased vehicular traffic make the outdoors a frightening and unsafe place for small furry creatures.

In addition, on Halloween night and the weekend before, you'll be wise to keep your cats locked inside an interior room in the house, lest they panic and slip out when hobgoblins come to your door. Enjoy your holiday while saving your kitty from
unnecessary stress.

Courtesy of the Animail Newsletter.
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