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I haven't started yet, but...

I had just about given up on eating right again because my dh refused to change his eating habits, despite his diabetes and blood pressure problems. Frankly, our income wouldn't let us essentially buy separate foods for two different diets, plus who wants to cook two menus for each meal? Not me!

Because dh has frequent chest pains, his doctor sent him to consult with a cardiologist yesterday, and apparently it was a bit of an eye-opener for him. The doctor flat out told him that no hospital in the Phoenix area could accommodate him for tests or surgery. He's simply too big for their equipment.

This morning, after he'd mulled it over last night, dh told me that he sees himself having two alternatives: 1) he eats right, loses weight, and lives longer and 2) he keeps on eating the way he always has and dies young. As much as he loves spuds & meat and hates veggies, he doesn't like option #2 very much.

So I went online to look for a diet plan. Because of his diabetes, he's been talked at (I won't say "to," because he wasn't listening!) by several hospital dietitians about changing his diet. He told me today that, to him, their talk of so many carbs, so much fat, etc. was all gobbledygook. He wants to know what he needs to eat to get x number of fat grams, etc. I take that as meaning he wants a diet that gives him menus to follow without having to compute the numbers himself.

I haven't been on FC in awhile, but I remembered that there's a good diet/healthy eating forum here (I don't have to remember that there are good people & friends here -- I never forget that! )

So, here I am! I'm off to read the posts here now, to see what's working for ya'll and look for something that might work for us. (The hardest thing I foresee for us -- besides getting dh to try "new" veggies -- is that neither of us is in any shape to do much exercise anymore.) I want this man around a long time (and myself, too, of course,) so wish me luck!
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