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Hi! I just want to offer another perspective. I grew up in Detroit, never knew there were places without people of all different colors. Now I live in a small town, raising my kids here . . . You can imagine my embarassment when we went to a zoo in a metropolitan area and my son (age 3 at the time) remarked loudly, "Mommy, what does that boy have all over his arms?" At first I was horrified, but (pat myself on the back) I replied gently, but loud enough for the family in front of me to hear, "Just like people have different colored eyes and hair, people have different color skin too." He was happy with that, I sure hope the family in front of me wasn't offended.
It was then that I realized how "white" our little town is. I had never thought about it before. We have read books that showed children of different races, but he had never met someone with a different skin color.
I genuinely felt bad that I had not educated him about this. I hope that your son is accepted for who he is and grows strong in the face of adversity!
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