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Marco, I am glad that you have that book. Have you thought about starting a Step-parenting thread? It could be a place for step-parents to meet for support and exchange ideas that have worked in the past.

Your gf needs to make her DS demonstrate respect to you. If he treats you badly, he should be punished. I agree with you that children need structure in their life. Tell your gf that Dr. James Dobson has a wonderful book called, "Dare to Discipline." This book and any other of his parenting books are worth the read. I remember when my children were small and he talked about parents saying, "I am not going to tell you again," and how the children know that doesn't really mean this is the last chance to do what has been told. I saw myself and realized that I needed to be consistent. One last time should mean just that. Another great book that your gf would like, if it is still in print is, "Raising Self Reliant Children in a Self Indulgent World." Good luck Marco!

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