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Thank you all for your input. I appreciate all the advice you give me. I totally agree with what you're all telling me. I've communicated my feelings until I'm blue in the face. I've suggested counseling and the answer was no.

My dear g/f is not consistent at all with her son. No routine or schedule. She'll try for a day and than stops or does things differently or later the next day. We've talked and talked about it. She knows what she has to do but guess what....she doesn't do it! *pulling my hairs*

Last night I started reading a step-parenting book that talks about the realities of step-parenting. As I read, I was amazed that I am not alone with my feelings. It felt good to know that because I've been walking around with guilt. I even read my g/f some of the quotes in the book. We talked again briefly about changes that need to take place. I told her, it's important for your son and it's important for our relationship as well.

This morning back to the same thing. *shrug*

Now you see why I question whether it's a hopeless case or not?

I'm going to try to answer some of the questions you have asked. I have been in their lives now for 2.5 yrs...since he was 3yrs old. We've been living together for over a year. I have been helping financially support him. He sees his dad once or twice a year. His dad will now be paying child support starting in September. *knocking on wood* He's been trying to avoid it. Great guy huh?

I know my g/f is hurt because she sees that the relationship between her son and I isn't getting any better. But I feel it's her fault for not making the changes that need to be made. And you want to know the irony of it all, she watches Super Nanny faithfully. *shaking head*

Thanks again,


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