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Posts: 13,149 are right that is high....120/80 is the norm high...I have hbp and am on several meds..but I also have coronary heart disease and renal problems..renal problems can make your bp zoom...right now I take Benicar, Atenolol, Sular and then also Plavix to thin my blood and Iron because my hemo is very low..
Also any pain..even a sprained ankle ..can make your bp go should really see a Md and go from there...When mine went up 3 yrs ago, I ended up with a triple clogged arteries in my heart were the culprits...the next time it went way out of control I had clogged arteries in my kidneys and ended up having stents put in those... so what I am saying is you have to find out WHY yours is going up...and what can be done about it....not doing that will cause you to have a stroke....or something else....
I see a Cardiologist and a Nephrologist regularly besides my primary Doctor....
simple blood tests can show your Doctor a slew of things that will aid him in helping you keep it under control....I am 76..mine is under control and I am doing will do well also....just seek help....hugs..
"You will be forever missed Margaret..."
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