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Frugal Uses for Shampoo

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Every frugal person has a few secrets that keep trying to defeat his/her goals, so I guess this is mine. I have this weakness for shampoos that claim they'll make my slightly older-than-middle aged, slightly graying hair look and behave like it did ten years ago.
Ok. Twenty years ago.
I keep thinking that surely, surely, the next bottle will work it's magic, although in my right mind, I know you can't buy bottled miracle.
Well... on with the story. I cleaned out the bathroom stockpile of 'stuff', and one of the things I found was a stockpile of shampoo. Partly used, samples, sales - all of them shampoos that I had tried, didn't like, and wouldn't use. Some had conditioner in it so that was what I was concerned with most, but I certainly couldn't just throw out any of it.
So, frugal soul that I am, I asked around to see what other uses I could find for these shampoos.
You know, sometimes you people out there just put me in awe. I was astounded at the creativity and the frugality.
  1. Great for liquid hand soap, especially with the conditioner in it.
  2. I can recommend it for spot cleaning rugs or upholstery. I used the shampoo on a wool oriental because being a natural (hair) product, I thought it would be more suited to the rug than harsh cleaning chemicals.
  3. Shampoo is good to relase grease out of clothes. It is much stronger cleaner than we realize.
  4. This past week a significant amount of blood got on a brand new cover for a piece of furniture and it was 100% white cotton. It had been there long enough to dry completely before I noticed it and I was really upset. I took out a bottle of Head and Shoulders and covered the blood completely. I also wet the spot down good. I was in a hurry , so I left the whole mess with a wet towel over it and when I came back hours later... THE SPOT WAS GONE!!!! I had read a long time ago that human shampoo breaks down enzymes. It really worked.
  5. I use up old conditioner and shampoo (mixed 2/3 conditioner to 1/2 shampoo) instead of shave cream.
  6. It makes a good tub cleaner.
  7. Use it like you would any liquid cleaner. Mop the floor, wash woodwork, etc.
  8. I think you could use shampoo to wash sweaters and similar delicates -- having shampoo and conditioner might even be a good thing for scratchy sweaters!
  9. I use them to wash my hand spun yarns after spinning. the fleece has usually been washed once, and it is fairly clean already. The shampoo gives the yarns a nice fragrance.
  10. If you have dogs -they smell much better after a human shampoo wash! Haven't tried it on the cat - he won't stay still long enough...
  11. Used as a pretreatment, it will get out that ring -around -the -collar.
  12. I use leftover shampoo to wash out my nylons. It does a good job.
  13. A little leftover shampoo combined with regular baking soda will clean and polish almost any hard surface till it gleams, especially chrome. It is great on rings in the bathtub and for scouring down shower tiles without the awful fumes. Leaves shower smelling great!
  14. It's the only thing I've found that does a really good job of cleaning fiberglass sinks and tubs.
  15. Use the shampoo you don't like to wash your combs and brushes.
  16. 'Herbal' type shampoos, which should be environmentally safe as well as non-toxic, can be used for dish washing or even car washing. (Note: A reader adds, 'If you look at the ingredients list on most herbal shampoos you will find they contain many toxic ingredients. If you look hard you can find a non-toxic shampoo'.)
  17. I recently bought a bottle of VO5 Herbal Shampoo (the pear-mango-passion one for dry hair) It didn't work for my hair, but I liked the scent so much, I used it as a shower gel for a fraction of the cost of the "real" shower gel I've been using!
  18. I no longer use baby shampoo on my toddler's hair - it dries her hair terribly. The leftover baby shampoo is diluted and used to remove eye makeup.
  19. My seven year old daughter has substituted baby shampoo for bubble bath when she ran out.
  20. I mix a good smelling shampoo and water together for my sons bubble maker. Bubbles go everywhere. The soapy bubbles might as well make the house smell good too.
  21. My Friend has 4 horses and as anyone know that can be an expensive hobby. To cut down on expense. We have used "human" shampoo for washing them. The "purple type" the women use to keep their hair whiter works wonderfully on the red and white paint horses.
  22. Divers and snorkelers often use a drop of baby shampoo on the lenses of their diving masks to keep them fog free for a long time. Just rub one drop on the inside of each lens, rinse briefly in seawater and you're good to go!
  23. I use shampoo on my laundry to get out blood stains. Rinse the blood stain with cold water, apply any kind of shampoo, then wash as usual.
  24. Use shampoo for cleaning your arts and crafts paint brushes. Just put a drop in the palm of your hand and scrub the brushes vigorously and rinse and repeat until all the paint is gone. The cheaper the shampoo the better, though do not use shampoo with conditioner.
  25. I mix any shampoo and baking soda to rid my hair of hairspray build up and it is squeeky clean.
  26. It works well for cleaning the cork handles on old fishing poles.
  27. Baby shampoo is a must for anyone that needs to wash a kitten or puppy. This tip was directly from my vets during a "kitten crisis". I have cared for many stray, sick, and abandoned animals who often are very young. Kittens and puppies under 6-8 weeks are too young for almost all pet shampoos and flea treatments, but baby shampoo will do the trick. It will not burn their eyes if they are fussing and get splashed, and it will not irritate their very delicate skin. Fleas are not happy with the baby shampoo, though, and the ones that aren't washed away are easily removed from the wet fur.
  28. An eye specialist told me to wash my eyelashes & brows with baby shampoo several times a day for 'dry eye'. It sounds ironic, but dry eye is caused by our natural oils and washing the lashes several times a day and using liquid tear products can help dry eyes.
  29. Liquid antibacterial soap is expensive and maybe not that good for your health. I buy Suave scented shampoo when its on sale at a rock bottom price. Fill your liquid soap dispenser 1/3 full of the low cost Suave and then fill the rest with nice warm water. Rotate a few times to mix the solution. Now you have pretty, scented, pure soap that's designed to cut grease and oil. What you don't have is the antibacterial effect, but why do you need it? I've been doing this for years and people often comment on the good smelling soap in the bathroom. A bottle of Suave lasts a long time and costs about 10 cents a refill in my bathroom dispenser.
  30. My car broke down, and I needed a way to get around, so I rented a car. I came out of the store to find orange paint on the side of it. I drove home in a panic, and tried to think of what could remove it, since plain water and elbow grease wouldn't. I remembered all the other hints for shampoo and figured it wouldn't hurt. It took the paint right off.
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