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Hi Ladies!! I'm baaack! You have been very busy here. Welcome to all the new posters here. It is very nice to have you and thanks for sharing your lives. I know sometimes it is very hard to let things out but here we are all for each other and nobody gets hurt.

My move went very smoothly. I was surprised, nothing broke, nobody got hurt and I got to drive the big truck. I'm still looking for the medicine box with the damn asprin in it though! I refuse to buy more when I have a huge bottle hiding somewhere. We are getting settled otherwise.

As far as my Zoloft, it is working great. I guess. My headaches are so mild that I can go with out that bottle of asprin. And my moods are so much better and absolutley no depression. I haven't cried in quite a while so I know it's working. I'll be 40 on Saturday so I might cry a bit but I'll get over it.

I have also been working. 3rd shift, Fri and Sat nights. In a retirement home as a caregiver. It's a huge place sort of like an apartment complex but I only have a few residents who need my help in the night. It is such a good feeling in itself to be working. I am also selling AVON and trying to make a business out of it. Any one interested can see my site at
All orders placed on my site get 10% off their entire order, for life. My business, my decision!

Well, I must be getting along, there's always plenty of laundry and other $&%#%&%^ things to do around the house.

I have missed all of you, it's nice to be back. I hope everyone is doing well and Kathy, how is your sister?

Take care..............
Mom of 3
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