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Weight Training

I love weight training too. My doctor, however, said I would be better using the calorie burning machines (another words I am too fat). I did notice a big difference in my shape in about 2 months of the weight training. I lost a whole bra size in a very short time, and my figure has a better overall shape to it. I am still trying to hit 4 machines every visit, plus the ab machine every visit. I did rip a chest muscle during the summer, and that has slowed down upper body training. It was my fault that the muscle ripped - I did 180 reps of one particular machine. Really overdid it.
Anyway, the muscle took about 2 months to heal, and I have lost a lot of upper body strength in just that short time. (also had a breast biopsy done, which slowed me down even more).I feel so good after doing the weights. Just a real high. I try to burn 300-400 calories on the treadmill, bike and cross country skiing machine, but it's the weights that I really like. I keep seeing more and more articles about the benefit of weight training, so I will continue them. What do you think is the best for underarm jiggle? That's the one area I can't seem to conquer. It really is the only area I have a cellulite problem. Weak arms. Good luck with your lifting.
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