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Question cat bit cat???

these people don't have a clue as to what is wrong with my cat.
First vet found 5 puncture wounds on the top of his tail...all infected. Cleaned them out, gave him a penicillin injection, and Clavamox to take home.
Second vet (the next day) found another 3 or 4 punctures on the underside of his tail...again infected. Another injection of a different type of antibiotic...and Baytril to take home. This finally snapped him out of his legarthic state and he began to eat and act normally.
Now there's this spot on his abdomen near where his ...i think...left kidney is. It is grey in color, and where the surrounding pink skin is...there's a raised edge. Looks like a crater...
Tonight while checking him AGAIN...i found MORE puncture marks on his lower abdomen, (actually closer to his butt.) that are infected.
GEEEZE. You'd think that one of those vets would have found all this the 1ST TIME!
He seems to be fine as far as his daily routine, but is constantly licking that grey spot.
I just cleaned the biggest of these wounds, and put antibiotic ointment on it. He wasn't thrilled. I'll continue to clean the smaller ones, until I can get him to the vet monday. He's got plenty of antibiotics to see him thru till then. I think that he's got more injuries than anyone thought.
The old vet will know what to do for him....the other 2 have been too busy bickering about WHO mis-diagnosed him to be of much help. I may go after the 1st one...they took him into the back room, and gave him ANESTHESIA...just to clip the fur off his tail. WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, OR CONSENT!
What were they thinking?.......
************************************************** **

I know its been a long time since i posted to this thread, but my cat Merlin IS STILL RECOVERING.
Seems that either he got bit by a cat, and then a spider (we have black widows in abundance here)...OR he was bitten by a pygmy rattlesnake to begin with. He had to have a biopsy done, and the results were either venom, or a chemical burn.
The puncture wounds on his tail healed, and a day later, there were wounds on his abdomen...and they grew bigger. He ended up with 3 big areas on his hindquarters/ abdomen that the skin was rotting off of. I know it's shoulda seen it!
More trips to the vet, and after $600.00...HE STILL has open wounds. The vet wants me to come in once a week, and have him sedate Merlin while he trims off the dead skin. At a cost of $80.00 per visit. I have told the vet to please keep me supplied with antibiotics, and I'll trim the skin at home. He ok'ed 1 week's worth.
I love this animal, but enough already! I need shoulder surgery, and can't even afford an MRI now, because of all of this. Merlin is slowly getting better, the areas are getting smaller, and I'm gonna take him back to his old vet from now on. The vets I've been to in the Fort Myers area are scam artists. These people have mis-diagnosed him, and not been shy about gougeing me for the treatments.
Anyway he feels better, just slow to heal...and hopefully will stay closer to the house, and not play with squirmy things that he doesn't know about!
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