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Thanks for the inputs and ideas for other fundraisers, here is some more information, see if it sways your opinion at all.

The beer would be sold out of a concession stand run by PSU at their new ballpark for the adult team, the Spikes. Only adults are allowed to sell the beer.

I don't know who cards the buyers.

I still have objections mostly because to me it is a little like when Belle Watkins slipped that money to Melanie in Gone With the Wind. At least Belle had the decency to do it quietly and undercover and to only one person.

I have an objection to doing it personally because as an educator, especially in Health and PE, even though I am not actively employed with any one school, it strikes against my value system.

I won't go to football games because EVERY time my seat has been harassed, spoiled, spilled, etc on. The university has gone to great lengths to stop the drinking and such behavior at games yet I wonder that they still have these concession stands.

I am not going to take on the university, they have their own problems. I just am, and I mean this sincerely, NOT COMFORTABLE with selling beer even if it is an easy thousand dollar fundraiser.

I don't think any amount of money can justify the link between underpinning a high school team with alcohol sales.

In the state of PA the majority of school districts rejected Ed Rendell's Act 72 (?) proposal which was to loan money to districts at an advantageous rate, the money would come from the recently introduced gambling to PA (I don't know many happy about that either). Schools in particular do have morals, and they really do try to do the right thing.

I wanted your opinions because I am out of the loop professionally, but I think morals never go out of date. I just didn't know if I was being a stuck up old prig about this.

Given the venue for the sales, has YOUR opinion changed or waffled at all?

I also wish I had set up the question as a poll so that those who don't want their name attached could weigh in also.

I agree that being tactful is in order. The person in charge is a good hearted soul who desires to advance this team so that they can become PIAA based. Money will buy a decent coach (also debatable), and equipment, and help those who can't afford the club fee and other funding things that go with an athletic team.
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