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Doesn't this send out the wrong message?

They are being so critical these days to remove soda and candy machines from schools and to make sure there are healthier foods in the cafeteria and then this woman wants to sell beer at a fundraising event?!? If this is the case, are the parents supposed to hand the keys over to the kids to drive them home? I think that I would tell her that if she can't come up with something better than that, she should resign her position.

God forbid, but what if something happens to one of the adults after drinking at this function?

My son's elementary school(last year) had one collection at the start of the year. They sent a Manilla envelope home with every child asking them and their parents to collect donations from friends, family and co-workers. Any donation was appreciated but they recommended $5. minimum. I'm not sure what the final tally was but it covered things for the year and the best part was that we didn't have to sell anything else.

When we lived in Pa., my husband used to buy pizza kits (maybe that is what was mentioned from crowemommy?) from a guy who was selling them for his son. There were pizza shells, sauce and cheese (+ pepperoni if you wanted it) in the kit. These were great and he always sold a ton of them. I can look up the name for you if you are interested in it.

Please keep us updated on this one Ellen.


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