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My whole house, most of it anyway, is done with faux paint finishes. My local paint store, I think it was Sherwin Williams, has free video how-to tapes, plus Lowe's does free seminars on it. It is so easy, if you are remotely crafty. We did our living room./dining room in a technique that people swear is wallpaper till they get very close up. I painted the walls a light mauve, the same color as the veertical blinds. Then we rolled on a dark green "glaze" on a 4' wide section and stuck a giant drop cloth, like a 4'x8' sheet of Saran wrap, up against it. Rolled on the next 4' wide swath, peeled off the plastic and moved it to the next strip. It took the better part of a Saturday to do a 25'x14' living room and 12'x10' dining room, including to the vaulted ceilings. It is most striking and wears extremely well. I have a jpg of it if anyone wants to write me privately, I will send it. It covers a multitude of sins.

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