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barbszy I agree with you about the foreign language needing to be a shorter class that last all year long. On the math I think for some kids that would be important. My friends and I were all concerned when our first child entered the block system, how would they remember the math because actually you could take the math in 9th grade in Aug. 06 and then not have it again until 10th grade Jan. 08. But all our kids have done well in math except one friends son and he has always struggled with math. My oldest and his girlfriend both took Trig. as an elective because they really like math so the times in between math classes they didn't seem to lose anything.
I think this system works well for some students, only having to concentrate on 4 subjects they don't feel overloaded and can pay more attention to the 4 and learn them better. Where for some students this plan doesn't work. I'm not sure how well it would work for me if I was a student, I don't retain as well if I don't use it so if I didn't use the math for nearly a year after I learned it I would forget how to do it.
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