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Sad face Racism and being different

My son is turning 4 in 3 months and he is very shy. I've been putting him in soccer and swimming lessons and he has finally started playing and acting like a kid, although he sticks with the instructors and doesn't really play with the kids. He is doing much better.
The thing is, he's black. The only black person I have seen in our town (it is a small town) is my son. My second son is white.
I am worried about him. He knows he is different but it doesn't bother him.
But I have noticed a lot of the time when he is around kids, some treat him differently. I don't know if it is because he is different. At his swimming lesson one boy kept staring at him and when they had to go in a circle and hold hands, my son kept reaching for the boys hand and he refused to hold it. It made me sad for him.
I don't know if it bothered him or not, but he gave up and didn't bother playing the game. He swam off and played by himself until he was called back.
What can I do?
Although I have never personally come across anyone who was racist (or at least not that I know of), I am worried about it. I'm not assuming that any of the kids are or the boy from his swimming, this is just another matter.
What if he does come across someone who is? In school or at his lessons, what should I do? What do I tell him to do?
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