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Shaving Cream

The article specified Barbasol

Remove spts from rugs - squirt on stain, scrub and wash with water.

Clean Upholstry - use sparingle on a rag, then rub on stain.

Make finger paints - Put some into cups and add tempura paint for food coloring.

Clean grease from Hands - rub into hands to dissolve the grime..NO WATER.

Remove latex paint from hands - same as above.

Un-fog the mirror - spread on your mirror and then wipe off. Your mirror will not fog up. Use on Ski goggles also.

Squeaky Hinges? - spray on a joint.

Baseball glove stiff - rub the center, place a ball in the glove and fold mitt. Secure with rubber bands. Tuck under a mattress over night.
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