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Looking for Custody Advice

I am looking to see if anyone can give me some advice. I am a SM to a 14 yo SD. She lives with her BM in WA. There is no custody agreement as we have always been able to agree on visitation( my husband and I get her during her summer breaks) Here is the issue. Her mother is moving from WA to AZ to be closer to her parents. Daughter doesn't want to move but has to. We are at a loss as to what to do. She can come here but is worried about her mother. Her mother has a few mental health issues, my SD is really the mother in the relationship. She is not really allowed to be a child, but the adult. We are susposed to send her to Arizonia after the summer but her mother will not be there until her house sells, which could be a short period of time or a long time, so we are sending her to her grandmother. I don't like feeling like we are giving custody of my SD to her grandmother for convience of her mother. She can stay her and has voiced she would if she didn't have to worry about her mother. There is again like I said no legal court custody or visitation plan. Should we pursue getting legal custody and keeping her with us or bow down and send her to her grandmother and eventually mother and hope she gets to be a child at some point before coming to adulthood? My husbans doesn't want to force her and let her choose but I think she is making bad decisions. I hops I explained this well. Thanks
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