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Hair Spray

The original article used Alberto VO5 Hair spray.

Immobilize flying insects - this will stiffen the wings and bring them down (great for bees)

Artwork - spray on a chalk drawing to preserve it

Removes ink stains from clothes, vinyl or skin - spray on and blot until it is removed then wash.

Kills lice on African Violets - Spray some in a plastic bag, then place the bag over the plant and secure with a twist tie. Let sit over night.

Thread a needle - this will stiffen the end of the thread for easier threading of a needle.

Laminate - spray on a recipe card to give it a protective gloss.

Stiffen ruffled curatins - Hold fabric taut and spray.

Preserve floral arrangements - Spray on baby's breath, broom grass and cattails to help preserve them.

Remove dry glue from bottles - spray on the glue and wipe off, then wash in soapy water.

Removeing Pet hair - Spray on a tissue or paper towel and then wipe up hair while still sticky.
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