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Congratulations on adopting your new kitty. If you want to check the gender, as one of my coworkers would say, see it has a set of "pom poms" below its tail in the back. If so, it is a male, otherwise it is probably a female.

I was raised with cats and have two indoors cats now. One likes the scratching post but the other likes to be on top of something to scratch so I have small rug samples under my end tables that I use catnip spray on. I got the spray at Petsmart but have also seen it at Rite Aid.

The larger pet stores also have vets that come and do the shots, etc. so if there is a Petsmart or other large pet store in your area you might want to call them and check schedules and costs for shots, etc. They can give lots of tips too.

As far as checking for worms, we had one cat who did have tape worms. Check around the cat's bed area and if you see something that looks like sesame seeds then your cat has tape worms. I called my vet and he prescribed something that I just had to put in my cat's food a couple of times. I didn't even have to take the cat in. She had been rescued from the SPCA so should not have had worms but she did. You will need to clean and wash her bedding and anywhere else that she sleeps a lot. Also, put all new litter in her box a day or so after her treatment is finished.

Dry food is best since canned and soft food has a lot of sugar and other things in it that are not good for cats, even though they will like the flavor. I agree with Train and prefer Iams. Kittens don't eat a lot all at once and a full large can of food is a lot for a kitten to eat in one sitting. You will need to cover and refrigerate any leftover and give it at the next meal. Some cats like to eat around the same time you do. My cats are adults but one has always eaten a lot in the morning and just lightly snacks a little a couple of times the rest of the day. The other cat is kind of a pig and eats likes a horse all day long.

Cats usually sleep 18 hours a day. One of mine gets up in the morning and is up for two or three hours and then sleeps the rest of the day and does the same in the evening. The other is up and down every couple of hours, so again it depends on the personality of the cat.
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