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Hidie Ho!
Kitten Queen of Lawrenceville checking in!! I'm a cat person, and have raised over 40 kittens over the years whose moms died or abandoned them.

From the pics, I would say your kitty is about 8 weeks old, maybe even a little more. I tend to recommend Hills or Iams foods over the kinds available at the local grocery. I know they are a little more expensive, but they are much better in terms of protein-vitamin-mineral-essential oils balance. But many cats do well on the stuff from the grocery. If it turns out to be a boy, keep an eye open for Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

About the scratching - the water bottle is a good idea, but the kitty will scratch when your back is turned! Get a scratching post and load it with catnip.

The vet is the first stop ASAP!! Since the kitty was found outdoors, it probably has worms. Until they are about 12 weeks old, vets usually don't recommend bathing. If it has fleas (probably) you will need to get the **good** flea protection stuff to put between the shoulders (Advantage, Frontline, Revolution). Check with the vet about the best food for the kitty. Many kitties seem to do better with a mixture of moist and dry foods.

Don't worry about the food amount. Cats eat what they need. Kittens don't need much compared to what a dog eats! Don't let the kitten "bully" you into feeding weird things. ONLY give the kitty food for kitties (no scraps, etc). If it doesn't eat *at all* for a day or so, then take to a vet. But a cat won't starve itself.

Teach the kitty NOW to adjust to being vacuumed, and you'll save yourself much pain later! Brush 2-3 times a week with a "slicker brush" to take off loose hair - this prevents hairballs to a great extent.

Keep the litter box scooped out. If you only have one kitty, one of the electric litter boxes can be a good investment. It will save you time and effort scooping the box, and you will use less litter. (Sad and $$$$$ experience, they don't work well with more than 2 cats, and don't work at all when the tom sprays into the motor! )

Enjoy your little feline!

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