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Some Answers and Some Resources

Ditto to what Stacey said!! OAMC is wonderful IF you are willing to devote an entire weekend each month to cooking, cooking, cooking.

And easier way to do it, is to double or triple recipes you already are making, then freeze the unused portions.

About eggs - you can freeze 'em raw if you beat them up with a little water or milk in them first. In terms of "rubbery," yes they will be rubbery if you freeze hardboiled, poached, fried or other cooked whole eggs. Scrambled seem to work fairly well, though. I wouldn't try to freeze something like egg salad (or tuna or chicken salad if you put chopped up hardboiled eggs in them), though. Cheeses don't seem to freeze well unless they are already cooked into things. Certainly left-over fondue doesn't freeze!

In general, casseroles will freeze well. So will most dishes originally made in a crock-pot.

You may get some good tips on freezing from the Canning, Freezing and Preserving forum here on FC, too.

I hope this has helped just a little.

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