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PLEASE READ! Rules for Personalizing Your Signature Line

Hi Everyone! Please read the new rules for personalizing your signature lines here at FC. This might seem like a strange place for me to be posting these rules but I know that we have some members who only participate in this section of the forums. I wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to read the new rules.


I would like to address a problem that we are having here at FC concerning personalized signature lines.

It seems that, with all of the great creativity floating around here, pictures in the siggy lines are getting way out of control.

Here are the rules for personalizing your signature line:

You can have one picture 100 x 100. If it is a tiny bit bigger, we will allow it. Other than that, it will have to be approved by Amanda or me. The maximum is 2 very small picture @ 50 x 50--nothing bigger.


You can have 4 lines of writing.

If you are adding a website to your siggy line, Please do not use leading titles such as " Wow! Take a Look at This!"---It will be removed.
You can use the company title.

You cannot have 4 lines of writing, plus a 100 x 100 picture.

You can have a line or two of writing and a small picture.

Small blinkies are allowed --the maximum is two and they must fall within the size range above.

No ticker tapes that do any sort of counting ---example: weight loss or pregnancy.


Barbszy, DebbieK and I have already contacted several members about their signature lines. Most members happily change their siggys once the rules are explained to them.

However....there are a few member who are changing their siggy line when they are asked to do so, then waiting a few days and coming back with something even bigger. In the future, if anyone is found to be doing this, you will have your signature line privileges revoked.

We are not doing this to be mean, it is just the opposite. Huge pictures and animations greatly reduce the speed for the pages to load on FC. After all, no one likes when the site is slow.

We are asking for everyone to work with us in this matter. If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks for your help!


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