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Hee hee a few questions, help would be great!

Ok so I am new to this, not cooking but freezing in advance. It makes me a little nervous bc I dont want to mess something up and end up throwing it out bc it wasnt good after being frozen. Make sence? Anyway I have read that egg whites turn rubbery after being frozen and reheated. But I eat egg beater omelets all the time, so do egg beaters (cooked) turn rubberey when reheated?? What about if I make a breakfast casserole with egg beaters, will it be grose? what about frozen bfast wraps.
Next, does anyone have any low calorie recipes. Today I am looking to use up 5lbs of ground beef. Im thinking meat balls, meat loaft, strog. sauce, taco casserole, ?
I already have precooked taco meat. BUT usually when I make meat balls of meat loaf, etc I add shredded zuccini or other veg. to them. Sooooo will that freeze well in it. Like if I make meatballs and do 1/2 with shredded zuc. and 1/2 with shredded apples (for sweet and sour mb's) 1lb total of beef, will it do ok?? Should I still add breadcrumbs to it if im adding the other things??
Basically I am looking on things to add to meat to cut down on a) cost and b)calories

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help, obviously I need it. And if anyone has any low cal meals that freeze well I would love it. I need them for b/l/d and snacks. I am a sahm to a 4 year old so I cook all of our meals, and its getting old. I feel like I NEVER leave the kitchen, cook/clean, cook/clean, cook/clean - BED. lol
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