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Insurancelady, I was wondering if the Milk Thistle could be used as a tool to release toxins from your liver...heavy metals, iron, etc. I also know that the more you are overweight, and have fat in the abdomen..the more likely it has infiltrated your organs too..

My liver enzymes, and cholesterol are great..are yours?

NanaBCat, I haven't found anything to work for my Fibro pain. Sometimes a very hot shower helps for a short while..and I know of other sufferers that use a hot tub and that helps...No pain meds help me, and Elavil makes me like a I just suffer through it..I am trying different vitamins now, and trying to get a better sleep cycle...I also found out that a 10 mins walk helps...unless it is your feet that are flared up!

Does anyone have any other health problems along with Fibro?

Hugs, janet
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