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Originally Posted by RobertaD
Have lots of change on hand, keep some in the house, use a fanny pack or carpenters apron so the money is on you at all times. Have bags available to wrap breakables and to free hands of shoppers. Plastic grocery bags work well and are free.

Have lots of signs pointing the way to your sale if someone is having a sale a couple of blocks away make sure you have a sign pointing your way. Advertise in the paper in my paper for $22 you get 20-25 words and they give you yard signs and price stickers with a list of pointers to have a good sale.

To clean out more stuff group sell them 3/$ or 5/$ so they are buying groups instead of just one. Small items can be bagged together and sold as a set such as cake decorations or kids meal toys.

I don't price all items but make a sign with the prices (junior jeans $2, t-shirts $1) which saves me time in the garage sale prep end.

Have finger food for lunch made ahead so when it is slow you can run in and grab sandwiches and a drink to go back out.

Have help to keep an eye on those people who will try to take advantage of you by bait & switching or plan stealing. Even an older neighbor or teenager that is willing to be an extra set of eyes is helpful and they could bring some of their own items to sell.

These are great tips that really work well!!

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