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I started stocking up a few years ago by setting a side $5.00 every week from my food budget for stock up items. I would watch the loss leaders that week and buy what was on sale. It made it even a sweeter deal if I had a coupon those were the first to be stocked up on. I love Wal-Greens. They have rebate items every month. Even if it's not something I can use if its free after rebate I'll buy it and donate it. I now have a free box in my closet and when my husbands brothers and sisters come to vist they check it out and take what they can use. What ever is left goes to the food bank or woman shelter. Another good thing about Wal-Greens is that you can use a coupon even on their rebate items. Sometimes this means not only getting it free but getting money back. I went in a while back when they had a sale on band aids. They were on sale for $1.50 with a rebate of a $1.00 makeing them 50 cents I had a $1.00 off coupon. I paid 50 cents and walked out with my band aids and mailed my receipt in and they sent me a dollar. I made 50 cents.
Just a thought
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