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Originally Posted by Tripp
My cousin called me the other day asking for some advice on how do deal with a child that one, refuses to go to the bathroom on the potty she's 3 and 2 when her mom puts the diaper back on her, she goes and hides, does her business and then, wipes her feces all over the walls, floor, and her toys. I suggested that they make her clean it up herself, while supervising her and every time she finished one spot and moved to another, tell her how naughty her behavior was but other than that, I really have no other advice on how to stop the behavior. On top of this, the kids are both out of control and refuse to listen to their mother but will listen to their father. Any ideas?
My cousin's friend had a problem with her child doing this... I will ask her what she did. But you should check out the Surviving Motherhood show...I am pretty positive that they have an episode on potty training. Might be good to hear what other moms are going through...good luck!
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