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easy cleaning

Hi stitcher45 and Hie everybody,

I've got some easy suggestions to help you clean your bath, when you feel tired and down but yet you know that getting into a nice clean tub will make you feel better!
I fill up the tub with water and pour some chlore in it , or some ajax with not to strong an odour and let te tub soak all night or a few hours! Then I bought a long brush or broom so not to bend over and beleive me my tub is sparkling and I clean most evrything that way!
I pour salt and vinegar in my toilets regularly, I clean and wipe the tiles with vinegar and my long dear friend!
Even If I drop something on the floor and can't reach some days it happens...I use another broom or stick to pick up things.
Hope this can help,
Hang in there, God Bless you and all of you sharing your thoughts with us.