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I'm sorry to say, still not feeling so hot here either. Therapy is workin gas far as getting me more flexibility, but I'm so exhausted from it. The weather hasn't been helping, cool and damp lately, ans allergies ahve been kicking in too. The antibiotics for the strep did a number on my tummy, so I stopped taking them, and now I'm not sure what I want to do about how I'm feeling. I guess I'll be forrlowing up with the doc about this headache soon. Yesterday I had a tic in my right eye all day...but today it was gone, so at least I know I'm not strokin gout or anything.

I have ben extra weepy and depressed lately. I wonder if that has anyting to do with the weather or the firbo or whatever. I can't blame it on hormones, since i had the hysterectomy!

Oh well... I have a wedding on Saturday, for my husband's cousin. A two hour drive out there, and a two hour lag between the wedding and the reception. I hate that, especially when they don't make accomodations for their guests. And the reception hall is only 6 miles from hte church, so it's not like you can kil any time in the traveling. I have fantasies about not going to either the ceremony or the reception just so I don't have to sit around for an extra two hours, with my kids and everyone who isn't in the wedding party in a parking lot twiddleing my thumbs whlie the bride gets her pictures taken. It's just rude. She wantsto be part of the ****tail party. Sheesh! If she wants to be part of the party then just have the photos taken after the reception or before the church!.. sheesh! It's not like they haven't been living together! So I don't think there would be any bad luck involved in seeing eachother before the ceremony, considering they are leaving for the church from the same address!!!

Ok,,I got that off my chest. It's just going to be a n awfull looonnngg day for me!

So any of you guys going to have any fun?