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He's always been creative. As a child, he was the Dennis the Mennis type. He never meant to do bad, he was just naturally curious. He wanted to know what was on the inside of a chimmney, so while his grandparents were out of town, he climbed in! We were panic stricken with worry because we couldn't find him. He was supposed to be mowing their lawn. When he came home, he was covered with a black, powder-like substance. He acted like he didn't know how it got there and then fessed up as to how it got there. He's gone into attics and put a hole in the ceiling and on and on.

To this day, if his grandparents don't bail him out, he finds a creative way to do everything he wants to do. He is also the luckiest thing I've ever seen! He finds $10 and $20 on the ground. He'll buy a lottery ticket once in awhile, just for the heck of it, and win big time.

I personally think creative children are naturally curious. I psychologists don't even worry about bed wetting or pooping in the pants or walls until after the age of 4 or so--depending on the child and the reasons behind it.

I don't think he played in his poo for more than a few months, but it seemed like an enternity. Adam laughs today when we talk about it, even though he has no memory of it.
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